Top factors in selecting a shared office in Pune

Shared offices are mushrooming across Pune, bringing about a big change in the office rentals market in the city.

Providers like Ecowrk now offer office space seekers range of alternatives to the traditional office offering & new ways of work. 

To avoid the confusion, let us look at the top factors to consider when choosing a shared office or co-working space.

As these are based on the feedback we have received from our existing tenants as well as from potential tenants.

What is an Agile Workplace?

Location and access to public facilities

Location is everything when it comes to property is applicable to office rentals as much as it to locating a shop or a residence.

An office in a good locality automatically creates a different perception in the minds of potential employees, clients and investors.

One of the key considerations has to be the public transport and other facilities such as shopping centres, restaurants.

The next thing to a short commute to work is proximity to public transport, a railway station or bus-stop. In a city like Pune, every minute saved commuting to and from work is priceless.

Both of our centres in Magarpatta and Baner are conveniently located, which has been a huge draw for office tenants.

Office rental costs and hidden charges

As commercial real estate prices continue to escalate in Pune, owning and renting offices become extremely expensive.

When selecting a shared office, ensure that you are not just lured by a flat rental that is highlighted. Some office provider’s add-on additional costs for Internet usage or electricity or pantry which often get overlooked.

If at all there are any variable costs that have to be incurred, get them clearly specified.

Flexibility in the rental agreement

Is your office space provider flexible whether it comes to the rental or the layout and furnishings in your office?

How much flexibility does your business have to customize your office space to reflect your business needs? Can you operate 24×7 or do you have to adhere to fixed start-and-close timings?

Before you finalize the rental agreement, satisfy yourself that you have the requisite flexibility to carry out your business operations smoothly and seamlessly.

Quality of the facilities, comfort and convenience

One cannot underestimate the importance of the office set up and environment in creating an efficient and productive organization. The facilities available have a direct impact on staff morale.

Check out all the facilities available and the quality of those: seating, lighting, ventilation, air-conditioning to meeting room facilities, Internet connectivity, pantry facilities, toilets, etc.

In a shared office and co-working space, managing and allocating facilities such as meeting and conference rooms can cause frustration for tenants.

Not only should the system and guidelines for such bookings be very clear but also very transparent and easy to follow.

Customer support and service

Last but not the least, evaluate the level and quality of customer service and support the office provider gives.

When you make an inquiry or go for an office tour, how responsive are they to your questions?

Ultimately, the whole idea of renting an office in a shared serviced office is that you can focus on running your business instead of worrying about office logistics!

Ecowrk provides flexible coworking space without any lock-in periods, the prices are also reasonable, with good customer support and public transport is available with walking distance.

Looking for a shared office or co-working space to rent in Pune? Check out our centre in Magarpatta. Contact us for an office tour now.

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