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How to work at a Coworking space as an Introvert

So, you just joined a coworking space. For some people, a new work environment can often feel like the way we felt on our first day at school, scary and full of anxiety. If you felt like that then maybe you are just an introvert.

if you are then you are lucky because there are few things you can do to survive.

The very first step is that to accept you are an introvert and know that it’s okay. Introverts don’t like being alone much, they just need time alone to recharge after social interaction. Introverts are often great communicators in the right situation.

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Luckily, there are some simple ways to break the ice, in a new coworking environment:

1. Always try to Step out of Your Comfort Zone

The next time you are at working take a look around and familiarize yourself with the co-workers around you. There might be several introverts around the room. Take the time to start approaching co-workers one at a time, striking up easy and manageable small talk. Getting to know co-workers, even just pieces at a time will allow you to feel more relaxed around them and in the new environment. 

Most introverts are not fans of small talk but take part in it whenever they can. As an introvert, you could turn the conversation into something more meaningful, or just creating a connection out of it. Every day, challenge yourself to step out of your comfort zone in a small way. Move to a new seat & talk to a stranger beside you and involve yourself in small talks whenever the opportunity arises.

If striking up a conversation is difficult for you but you want to make connections or friends think about making friends with an extrovert. They will help you to socialize and may even introduce you to plenty of other co-workers. Being introduced by someone else will also take away the pressure of starting a conversation by yourself.

2. Try to Attend Events

While working to create relax and stress-free atmosphere at a new coworking space it might be helpful to attend events hosted by the facility. Many coworking spaces offer various events, often providing the coworking community with workshops and even fun social events.

Participating in such events is a good way to take the pressure off of making new friends and connections at a new job or workplace.

These events might be daunting for some people but are excellent opportunities for introverts to break the ice with the workers they interact with daily.

Whether starting up a conversation over a beer at a social gathering or discussing a speaker, the common ground is practically handed out during these hosted events. You never know when a simple conversation could turn into more.

3. Utilize Community Managers

For those who are too scared to strike up a conversation with a stranger, make use of the community managers. The community managers spend a lot of time getting to know everyone in the coworking space and might just know who in the space you may get along with. The first few connections might not work out, but after making a few connections, it will be easier to make more connections on your own.

4. Take your Time to Recharge

Needless to say, like any introvert, there will be times when you just had enough social interaction. Don’t forget to take time for yourself to recharge & collect your thoughts. After all, you are in a coworking space, sit at your desk, and put on some headphones so you can relax for a while and refocus.

Many coworking spaces also offer quiet zones designed for this very purpose.

Connect with your community manager and ask for the co-workers to sit by to relax during these times.

They know exactly who the quiet ones are in the coworking space and you may just make a connection at the end of it.

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