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Essential Office Organization Tips for Office Managers

As an office manager, you have to stay on top of both your work and the rest of the office. Even for the most experienced office managers, this can be hard, especially during those stressful days when you seem to be working hard. But with a few simple techniques, you’ll find those days will become less frequent, giving you the chance to breathe between works. Use these office tips to be on top of everything you need to do:

1. Organize your office space

Before you start organizing anything in the office, first you have to organize your own space. It’s very simple, but it’s powerful especially once you have arranged all your pens and paper clips and relegated papers to a neat pile. You will notice that you can find everything much easier, which will increase the time you have for getting the important things done.

2. Tackle your inbox

Cleaning up your email is a bit boring if you’re new to it, you’ll probably loathe it. But then one day it becomes a habit. Give yourself time during the day to set up your inbox for success. Use labels to easily sort the messages, unsubscribe from any mass emails you might receive and get rid of old emails. Once you have done with the groundwork, it’s easy to keep your inbox clean and, more importantly, efficient. You won’t miss an important email again.

3. Rethink reminders

Everyone needs reminders every once in a while, but at a certain point, they stop being useful.

If your desk is plastered in sticky notes, you will stop seeing them & eventually lose track of what you need to do. If your phone buzzes every ten minutes with a new reminder, you will learn to turn them off over time. A great way to get around this is to employ these tools sparingly. Use sticky notes for only the important reminders, then get rid of them once they have done their job.

4. Clear communication

The keystone of office manager organization in any environment is communication in all of its forms. Make sure everyone knows how to get in touch with you, whether it’s via your email, a private chat, or even just talking face-to-face at your desk. Check-in with everyone individually or at a team meeting to let them know how to best reach you, this process will lead to better communication, which can completely change the tone of a workspace.

5. Outline your expectations

There is no way you can do everything on your own in the office. But by establishing clear objectives, & goals, you will be able to keep tabs on each deadline. Create a master calendar of objectives and share it with the entire office. Set up meetings to make sure everyone is on track. By assigning work and making sure that everyone is doing their work, complicated work will become easier to complete.

6. Standardize your workday

It seems like no two days are the same for office managers, & a huge part of office organization is learning to make your days as uniform as possible. Set aside the same time for certain tasks on each day, whether it’s 10 minutes for catching up on emails, an hour for meeting with individuals. Eat and take breaks around the same time each day. The objective is to train your brain to focus on the right thing at the right time, which will improve your time management.

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